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Is This It (uk version) [14 Oct 2004|10:04am]
[ mood | sick ]

Heya, Im new here but I just noticed that a mistake has been made with the uk version of Is This It. The are not 10 songs but 11. Last nite has been missed out, its actually number 7 on the album making the songs for it like this:
1)Is This
2)The Modern Age
4)Barely Legal
6)Alone Together
7)Last Nite
8)Hard To Explain
9)New York City Cops
10)Trying Your Luck
11)Take It Or Leave It
btw the gospel site is brilliant

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[03 Aug 2004|02:33pm]

[ mood | headachey ]

Does anyone know when The Strokes first started playing "In Her Prime" live? I can't remember if I first heard it in 2001 or what. I just want to know because I'm putting up a .zip file to download at the site and I want to put at least a vaguely accurate date on the file description.

Also, thank you to be_found for the lyrics to "Modern Girls and Old Fashion Men."

Welcome to all the new members — thanks a lot for joining. 'Twas very cool of you.

And to aestheticmemory, I'll be putting up a .zip download of "Modern Girls" online sometime this week.

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Gig Reviews [17 Jul 2004|02:03am]

[ mood | caffeinated ]

About the Y100 performance from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

They dropped two jams from the new album To the 5 Boroughs, spastic single "Ch-Check It Out" and the memory-lane stroll of "Right Right Now Now." They reached all the way back for "Brass Monkey," and served up a slew of '90s hits. Quite simply, they killed.

The Beasties were tough to follow, and the Strokes initially didn't seem up to the task. The stuttering beat of opener "What Ever Happened?" was like many Fez-goers at this point: wobbly. Drummer Fab Morretti couldn't find the groove.

When they plunged into the jittery rush of "Hard to Explain," they found their footing. Soon after, they trotted out "Last Night" and really seemed to catch fire. Guitarists Albert Hammond Jr. and Nick Valensi started trading barbed licks and the odd Stones-styled lead.

Even jet-set frontman Julian Casablancas seemed over the uncool task of playing a radiofest, and let down his strategically tousled hair. He was snapping and barking through "Reptilia" and crooning "Under Control" like a lovesick punk. Too bad so many fans had already filed out and missed a searing set.

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News from the road [19 Jun 2004|03:31am]

[ mood | awake ]

Transcribed from the official site, for those of you who have trouble with Flash on your browsers.

From: June 12, 2004 Los Angeles, CA
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From: June 11, 2004 San Fransisco, CA
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Ze Newie [16 Jun 2004|02:01pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

HI my names Julian im 17 i just joined, how is everyone?

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[05 May 2004|11:38pm]

Scanned and transcribed the Magnet article (May 2004). Read it here.
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pleasepleaseplease [24 Apr 2004|02:26pm]

Can anyone transcribe the lyrics to "Modern Girls" for me? I can't find the liner notes to the single anywhere and I need to get the lyrics up on the site soon.

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This is CNNNNNNN..... [23 Apr 2004|09:27am]

[ mood | curious ]

What's this I hear about Julian and CNN?

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Enter for a chance to see The Strokes on Conan [18 Oct 2003|09:43pm]

From rollingstone.com:

One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive two (2) roundtrip air travel tickets from a major airport near the winner's residence to New York, NY; two (2) tickets to the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show featuring a live musical performance by the Strokes; two (2) nights hotel accommodations consisting of one (1) double occupancy room corresponding to the date of the show (total Approximate Retail Value ("ARV") $2,850);

Five (5) First Prize winners each will receive a Strokes prize pack, each containing a collection of Strokes-related merchandise, including, without limitation, Strokes import CD singles and Strokes T-shirts (total ARV of each first prize $70).
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News from Ryan's latest newsletter [24 Sep 2003|05:57pm]

Links to the pre-sale for tickets to European tour dates.

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Still some floor tickets for the Toronto show, October 14 - due to high demand, we've reserved some more floor seats (GA) for the Toronto show for you guys, so you can access them at this link.

Pre-sale tickets for the Atlanta (11/09) and Seattle (10/25) shows; The public sale for these two shows starts on Saturday, September 27

MEXICO CITY's coolest radio station, RADIOACTIVO, has a new promotional video of THE STROKES for the new single "12:51" on their website now....filmed by ROMAN COPPOLA while the band were in the recording studio making the album. access it here.

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND- check www.thestrokes.com sometime mid-next week for announcement of when we'll be back touring Australia and New Zealand.....FINALLY!

BRAZIL - YES, we're planning on coming there....we haven't figured out when yet...hang in there, we'll see you sometime next year!
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[12 Sep 2003|06:35pm]

Hey Everybody -
Hopefully a lot of you guys have been getting some good seats from the pre-sales. I've been going through a lot of email lately making sure everyone gets the email with the URL and
password, and also making changes to people's addresses in preparation for the next mailing. (Make sure you send me your address changes as soon as possible!)

This email is to notify you guys about the latest presale times... we won't be announcing these on the website. It's up to you guys to go back and check the ticketing page every now and then to find out if the presale for your city is on sale. In the meantime, here are the times that we know for sure.

TORONTO- 10/14 PRE-SALE 9/8 2:00 EST
LOS ANGELES- 10/22 PRE-SALE 9/12 1:00 EST
LOS ANGELES 10/23 PRE-SALE 9/15 1:00 EST
NEW YORK- 10/29 PRE-SALE 9/15 1:00 EST
NEW YORK- 10/30 PRE-SALE 9/15 1:00 EST
BOSTON- 10/31 PRE-SALE 9/9 1:00 EST


username: thestrokes
password: tickets

As usual, feel free to email me anytime and I'll do my best to get back to
you as soon as I can. Thanks!
- Matt


matt f. romano
alone, together
wiz kid mgmt.
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News From the Hotel Lobby as Told By Tour Manager Richard "The Shark" - Days 10-11 [09 Aug 2003|05:59pm]

08/05/03: Day 10 in Tokyo, Japan
Nikolai took in a brief visit of the Imperial Palace parks before visiting the temple in Asakusa, the oldest temple in Tokyo. He bathed in the smoke of incense for the good fortune and washed in the fountain so he was pure before entering. Sadly, not pure enough, his 100 Yen fortune wasn't very promising. We left it behind in the temple tied to a piece of wire ribboned with unwanted fortunes.

Several hundred pigeons waited outside the 5 storey pagoda next to the temple. They settled ominously on the ornate roof and stone floors. It was unnerving. Pigeons don't blink when children run through them. They stare. The children were unaware of the potential danger, or simply fearless. Maybe they'd got good fortunes and felt protected from any avian malevolence? Either way, we couldn't watch the pigeons anymore.
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Alone, Together The Strokes E-Newsletter #8 [09 Aug 2003|05:55pm]

Hi Everyone -
I wanted to give you guys & gals a quick update before I head over to
the other side of the world for the Summer Sonic Festival.
The third newsletter was originally scheduled to ship this coming
weekend. The band, however, decided at the last minute to rework a
couple of the pages. No big deal. Hopefully, this will set us back only
a week. You'll be happy to know that there will be some really exciting
news announced in this newsletter. Also, the name of the newsletter has
been chosen and the cover bears the new name. Just a quick preview of
some of the news.... a U.S. tour is currently in the works for this
Fall. There are also plans to return to the UK and parts of Europe
before the end of 2003. I think everyone will really like the gift that
comes with this newsletter. I don't won't to tell you what it is... that
would spoil the surprise.

To the Japanese Fan Club Members:
The band is already in Japan, and will be rehearsing for the Summer
Sonic shows over the next few days. I'll be joining them there tomorrow
(Wednesday) and this email is one of the last things I wanted to get
done before I leave. Everyone is really excited for the shows, and it
will be fun to be back out in front of a crowd. I hope all Japanese fan
club members will be able to attend the shows. Most likely, the Japanese
crowds will be treated to at least one brand new Strokes song. This will
be the first time any of the new material will be played outside the
recording studio. See you there!
As for the aftershow parties in Japan ---- I received a few emails from
fan club members who live in Japan regarding invitations to the parties.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to invite any of the Japanese members to
any aftershow parties. If The Strokes were playing headlining shows in
smaller venues, aftershow parties would be much easier to coordinate.
These two particular shows are at extremely large venues with many other
bands. Security is the main issue as there will be many other bands
backstage - not just The Strokes.
I hope sometime in the near future, I'll be able to make it up to all
the Japanese members. Sorry, guys!

As usual, feel free to email me any questions, comments, concerns and
anything else on your mind. I'll do my best to reply in a timely
fashion. I'll be in touch with everyone when we get back from Japan, and
I'll announce a new contest. Until then.....
- Matt

matt f. romano
alone, together
wiz kid mgmt.
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News From the Hotel Lobby, as told by tour manager Richard "The Shark", days 6-9 [06 Aug 2003|05:18pm]

[ mood | sore ]

08/01/03: Day 6 in Osaka, Japan
Nick and Albert went for a walkabout in America Mura. Albert was looking or a watch but none of us were able to ask directions to a watch store in Japanese. (We should have brought Nikolai, who's knowledge of the language grows by the hour). Nick saw some belts but decided that he didn't want to buy any of them. A few fans stopped them both to say "Konichiwa," and to ask for autographs. They were very friendly. It's good to meet friendly people.

We all went to soundcheck in the afternoon and the band played through most of their set. Later on at the hotel. Albert, Nick and Ryan enjoyed a meal in the Sky Lounge which offered unparalleled veiws of Osaka. Ray Manzarek from The Doors said "Hello". He too was enjoying the view.

NOTE: One looking for a place to unwind while in Osaka should take the following into consideration. As seen on the hotel's website: The restaurants and bars of the this Osaka Hotel will put you in a celebratory mood during your free time.

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[04 Aug 2003|03:07pm]

From Rolling Stone, the latest news on the new album: look for it to drop on October 21st following a few club dates and preceding four Tuesday night shows on Late Night With Conan O'Brien this November.
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[04 Aug 2003|02:19pm]

From the official site:

Day 4 in Japan: 7/30/03
News from the road as told by tour manager Richard "The Shark":

Nick did buy a vintage black suit and may be tempted to go back to look for another. Albert has been enjoying nothing but the finest Japanese cuisine, claiming the Shabu-Shabu in a nearby restaurant to be second to none. Fabrizio says, "I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so..." and Nikolai spends much of his time winning new friends by saying "Ogenki des ka?" to everyone he meets. Ryan took a moment to purchase a nice drop of strides today, too, between meetings. He hopes to collect the full suit tomorrow. On the way to the rehearsal we saw a robot directing traffic around some construction. Better yet, the traffic moved safely and steadily around the obstruction. Kindest Regards, Richard.

Day 5 in Japan: 7/31/03
News from the road as told by tour manager Richard "The Shark":

The band rehearsed again for a few hours in the afternoon in Tokyo Bay before taking the bullet train to Osaka. Nick and Albert enjoyed playing a selection of classic songs from Albert's Ipod on the train. Because Nick has some stylish portable speakers everyone was able to enjoy the music. Fab spent the journey working on his Japanese script and Julian and Ryan hung out in the smoking car. It was dark and we were unable to see Mt. Fuji outside, but it was somehow enough to know that it was there.
Thinking of you always, Richard
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[28 Jul 2003|12:17pm]

I almost forgot to mention that Bang magazine (July issue) is featuring a collection of poster prints. There are two sets. One has The White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age and Radiohead. The other has The Strokes and two others, one of which I think are Kings of Leon. It may still be on the shelves in the States. I got mine at Borders.
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[05 Jul 2003|02:34pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

I think it was spunkyspiffy who posted a naughty picture of Nick and Ryan a day or so ago over at thestrokes. It reminded me a stupid picture I drew a while ago. And so now I've dredged it up from my hard drive and insist on raping your eyes with it for my own amusement.

The horror lies within...Collapse )

Yeah. It's just another lazy eye-rapin' Saturday afternoon.

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Answers to TagBoard questions [02 Jul 2003|03:19pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Try this site for some fanfiction. I'm pretty sure some writers from fanfiction.net are hosted there now.

Jade Mercy
Your fiction should be up and running just fine on the site. I just checked and both Scardy Cat and Top Hat, White Tie and Tails are showing up fine. XOXO

About which bit Nick plays on Alone, Together: good question, actually. Any ideas anyone?

I heard they're shooting to finish the album before they go on tour in Japan, so it might be released sometime in mid August, maybe sooner. I'm sure it'll be available in Indonsia not long after the American release.

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[08 May 2003|10:32am]

[ mood | anxious ]

I am convinced that Julian Casablancas is secretly that kid from Forever Young. You can't fool me, Casablancas.

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