Bitches Get Stitches (stilled_life) wrote in strokeofmidnite,
Bitches Get Stitches

News from Ryan's latest newsletter

Links to the pre-sale for tickets to European tour dates.

Still some floor tickets for the Toronto show, October 14 - due to high demand, we've reserved some more floor seats (GA) for the Toronto show for you guys, so you can access them at this link.

Pre-sale tickets for the Atlanta (11/09) and Seattle (10/25) shows; The public sale for these two shows starts on Saturday, September 27

MEXICO CITY's coolest radio station, RADIOACTIVO, has a new promotional video of THE STROKES for the new single "12:51" on their website now....filmed by ROMAN COPPOLA while the band were in the recording studio making the album. access it here.

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND- check sometime mid-next week for announcement of when we'll be back touring Australia and New Zealand.....FINALLY!

BRAZIL - YES, we're planning on coming there....we haven't figured out when yet...hang in there, we'll see you sometime next year!
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