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strokeofmidnite's Journal

At The Stroke of Midnite
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the new bulletin board system for G.O.S.P.E.L. : The Strokes Online, a site dedicated to the bitchslappingly good rock band The Strokes. To access the old BBS, go here. Please take the time to run through the information below, especially if you are new to LiveJournal.

Contact & LiveJournal
  • So who's in charge here, anyway?
    Oh, hello. Didn't see you there. I'm the site's webmistress and BBS moderator, Isabella (stilled_life). You can contact me via 321contact@gospelonline.org or leave a comment or question in my LiveJournal.

  • I'm new to LiveJournal. Where do I go to find out more?
    LiveJournal is generally pretty user friendly. Most questions can be answered fairly easily by visiting the LiveJournal FAQ area. If you still have some questions, you can contact the LiveJournal support team.

Community Rules
  • So you want to join, huh?
    That would make me happy. Huzzah! See? In order to post you must create a LiveJournal account. It's very easy and very free. Which is always nice.

  • Are there any rules for posting here?
    There's no need for flame wars and they will be deleted. If a member continues to be obnoxious, they will be kicked out of the community. Rule of thumb: Have fun. Don't be an ass.

  • I want to post pictures. Is that cool?
    Pictures are never a bad thing. Just be considerate of other users. If you've got a large photo or a number of photos , put them behind a cut. Some basic HTML (just replace the [] with <>):

    [img src="http://www.imagename.jpg"]

    You can also link to images or other pages like this:

    [a href="http://www.blahblah.html"]link text[/a]

    An excellent page to learn even more can be found here. I still use it as a code cheatsheet and more advanced tutorials are available when you get your HTML footing. If you still have problems, drop me a line at the address listed above in the Contact and LiveJournal section.

I.A.&.U.Q. (Infrequently Asked And Unasked Questions)
  • Why was the bulletin board moved to LiveJournal?
    Money. Damn hell ass money. Essentially, I didn't have the funds to keep the horrifying number of pop-up ads at bay over at ezboard. The previous board was fine when I was able to afford a gold account, but I did the math and here we are. Also, I like LiveJournal (it's easy to use and I'm always checking in), and there's a good-sized Strokes community here. The fact that it's free don't hurt, neither.

  • Why didn't you just ask for donations?
    I don't like the idea of going a-begging. The site and any accessories are supposed to be a free service for Strokes fans, as well as a hobby and creative outlet for me as I learn a little more about webdesign and HTML. No one should have to pay for that but me.

  • But I didn't want to leave the old bulletin board. What'll happen to it now?
    Not to worry. The ezboard BBS will remain up since several people have shown interest in staying with it. I'll be dropping in myself from time to time, and if I have the extra money I'll put it toward the community treasure chest to help get rid of the ads when I can.